Greener pastures...

  • Move to the area you've always wanted to live in
  • Get that extra space you need for your growing family
  • Seamlessly manage the transition from door to door

There's many reasons someone could have to want to sell-up and move somewhere else, or to convert your existing property into an investment, and jump into a new one. From growing families, to new opportunities in far flung locations, to the simple desire to upgrade one's castle. Whatever the reason is, you've chosen to uproot your life and re-plant it somewhere else.

Packing your lives into boxes and lugging them down the freeway to your new abode is difficult enough, potentially adding both a sale and purchase transaction to the mix could be enough to cause a major headache. A Zenlend Mortgage Broker might not be able to help with packing boxes but they will be able to help with almost everything else. From getting the finance, to coordinating multiple settlement dates, and ensuring it all happens in the right order, we'll take on the "Project Manager" role for your transition with glee.